Scrubbing Tubes & Parts

OEA Labs probably manufacture the widest range of scrubbing tubes and fittings available for elemental analysers allowing optimum size matching for any application. Well-designed end fittings are available for most sizes in brass, stainless steel, PTFE and PEEK.

Scrubbing Tubes

Scrubbing tubes are available in Gl14, GL18 and GL32 threads and with plain ends to suit external and internal connectors as appropriate.  A variety of lengths are offered but we can make scrubbing tubes to your design.  Please enquire.

Scrubbing Tube Parts

OEA Labs manufacture a range of well designed scrubbing tube fittings in GL14, GL18 and GL32 tubing threads for rapid and leak free connection to your elemental analyser.  Also on offer is a comprehensive array of adaptors, tubing olives, nuts and fast connect fittings.

Scrubbing Tube Assemblies

We manufacture a range of scrubbing tube assemblies and parts for use in elemental analysers and other applications.