Thermo Costech Eurovector Liners Crucibles

OEA Labs have a comprehensive range of tube liners and ash crucibles for the Thermo, Costech and Eurovector models of elemental analyser.  They are available in silica, metal and ceramic versions to suit your application and preference.

Thermo, Costech & Eurovector Silica Liner Crucibles

Our silica range of liners and ash crucibles are available to fit heavy or standard wall 18mm reaction tubes to minimise dead space. Holes in the upper part of the liners are provided on some designs to assist with removal. The liners are mostly open both ends with the lower ends slightly reduced to retain the silica wool plug. There are a number of closed end liners if this is your peference.

Thermo, Costech & Eurovector Metal Liner Crucibles

Our metal liners in stainless steel and Inconel high performance alloy have retaining tabs as standard to hold the silica wool plug in place.  They can be supplied without tabs if required to allow removal of glass fibre filter debris by means of a metal drilling rod.  Please enquire.

Thermo, Costech & Eurovector Ceramic Liner Crucibles

OEA Labs offer a number of liners manufacturered in pure alumina ceramic which has advantages in some applications.  We are able to supply other designs with or without closed ends and/or slits.  Please enquire.