Tube Liners, Crucibles & Insert Tubes

OEA Labs manufacture a wide range of tube liners, ash crucibles and oxygen lances which are available in a variety of materials and designs for almost any application.  If you can't find what you need in our eStore or catalogue give us a call.

Thermo Costech Eurovector Liners Crucibles

OEA Labs have a comprehensive range of tube liners and ash crucibles for the Thermo, Costech and Eurovector models of elemental analyser.  They are available in silica, metal and ceramic versions to suit your application and preference.

Sercon Europa Liner Crucibles

OEA Labs have a range of liners to suit the Sercon (Europa) ANCA SL, ANCA GSL, Roboprep, Integra and Sercon EA 19.5mm reaction tubes.

Elementar Support Tubes, Ash Fingers & Oxygen Lances

A comprehesive range of support tubes, ash fingers and oxygen lances are available in silica, metal and ceramic materials to suit Elementar elemental analyser models.

Perkin Elmer Vial Receptacles & Diffusers

Vial receptacles, copper heat diffusers, silica swarf crucibles and tube fitting filters are offered for Perkin Elmer elemental analysers.

Leco Ash Crucibles & Oxygen Lances

Oxygen and ash crucibles for the Leco CHN900 and CHNS932.

Graphite Crucibles & Inserts

Graphite crucibles and inserts are offered beyond the OEM standard range and we are able to machine graphite components to your specification if required.