Analytical Services

for Elemental and Stable Isotope Analysis

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In addition to manufacturing EA consumables, OEA Labs is also a recognised and respected commercial laboratory specialising in elemental and stable isotope analysis.  Our laboratories provide prompt and accurate analytical data for universities, research organisations and companies worldwide.

· Simultaneous Nitrogen (15N/14N) and Carbon (13C/12C) stable isotope analysis

· Carbon (13C/12C) stable isotope analysis

· Nitrogen (15N/14N) stable isotope analysis

· Sulphur (34S/32S) stable isotope analysis

· CHNS, CHN, NC, NCS, O, S, N and Protein elemental analysis at low to high percentages

· TOC, TC and TIC determination

· Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Phosphorus at trace to high percentages

· Grinding, milling, crushing, cutting and sieving of samples for analysis

· Freeze drying, vacuum drying and air drying of samples for analysis

· Moisture, volatile matter and micro-ashing determination

· Collagen and lipid extraction of samples for analysis